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6 Tips for Creating Your First Modeling Portfolio

To break into the highly competitive teen modeling industry, one of the first things you need to have is a modeling portfolio. This portfolio will give you a step up when you start applying for modeling jobs for teenagers.

This is because your portfolio will function as your resume. Clients and modeling agents will use your collection of photos to see if you are a good fit for a particular brand or project. They will also use it to assess your talent, versatility, and professionalism. If your portfolio manages to showcase all of these and more, you are a step closer to landing a modeling job.

Since your portfolio can make or break your foray into teen modeling, it is important that you have one that can impress anyone who opens it. Here are some tips to accomplish just that:

Choose which type of model you want to be

Models fall into certain types or categories. These include:

  • Fashion or editorial
  • Commercial
  • Runway
  • Swimsuit or lingerie
  • Glamor
  • Promotional

To ensure you have a cohesive and professional-looking portfolio, select which type of model you want to be first. The photos you should, then, include in your portfolio should reflect the type of modeling category you want to get into.

By knowing which type of model you want to be before you start building your portfolio, you will save a lot of time, effort, and money, especially if you will be having your photos taken by a professional.

Make sure your portfolio has all the essential shots

A modeling portfolio should contain different photos that showcase your look, versatility, and ability to express yourself. To highlight these, your portfolio needs to have these important shots:

  • Beauty or clean headshot
  • Full-length body shot
  • Swimsuit shot (if you are over 16)
  • Editorial fashion shot or commercial shot
  • Smiling shot

Work with professionals

To get the best photos to include in your portfolio, consider working with the pros. These include a professional photographer, and hair and makeup artist.

By having your photos taken by an expert photographer, you will be sure that the images are crisp and professional-looking. You will also be certain that he or she will capture your amazing angles.

It is also worth hiring a professional hair and makeup artist for your photo shoot. Even if you consider yourself an expert, keep in mind that studio flashes can sometimes react differently with certain types of makeup. Because of this, the camera may capture imperfections such as uneven and blotchy foundation, which can happen if you try to do your own makeup. As a result, your photos may turn out less impressive.

If you are under-aged, ask your parents if you can hire professionals during the photo shoot. And make sure you choose pros that have experiences working with aspiring or professional models.

Practice your poses and facial expressions

Prior to your photo shoot, practice your poses and facial expressions including your smile. Make sure all the images will capture your different facial expressions and emotions since these will highlight your versatility.

Additionally, go online to research the type of photos that models in your chosen category typically have in their portfolio. When practicing, do it in front of a full-body mirror, and practice doing a wide variety of poses with your head, hands, arms, legs, and feet. Do them while trying out different facial expressions as well.

Pick the right outfits

Make sure you choose the right clothes to wear for the photo shoot. Consider the type of modeling you want to try to narrow down your choices.

In addition, stay away from clothes that are too colorful or have large or heavy prints and patterns. These outfits are simply too distracting and won’t allow you to show off your natural build and assets.

Don’t forget to bring some basic pieces of clothing such as jeans and a plain white or black shirt as well. Lastly, pack some extra outfits so that you can have lots of different photo options to choose from.

Don’t forget to add a profile page

Lastly, make sure your portfolio has a profile page. This page should contain all your personal details including your height, weight, measurements, dress and shoe size, and the color of your hair and eyes.

Try to put in as many details as possible so that the client or modeling agent will have an easier time visualizing your appearance and imagining you wearing their clothes.

You can also list down your talents, hobbies, and modeling experiences, if you have any, on this page.

Your talent, good looks, and hard work are crucial in helping you find success as a teen model. However, your portfolio will also give you a leg up as you try to land a modeling job. As such, invest some time and effort in building a truly impressive one.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

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