6 Tips for Becoming a Great Putter

Whether it’s your first time on the green or you’re a seasoned golfer, refining the skill of putting is of the utmost importance. Having consistent putts is imperative in having a successful game of golf, and practicing your putting skills shows determination and dedication to improving. Take a look at our top 6 tips of things to be aware of when trying to become a great putter.

1. Grip on Putter

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Pay attention to how you are holding your putter. If you’re gripping it too tightly, your whole body will be stiff and your swing will reflect that. If you’re not gripping it tight enough, the putter will be too loose in your hands and you will have less control. You want to grip it just enough to prevent it from slipping, no more and no less. You might want to consider getting a putter grip to help you maintain a better hold on the putter.

2. Distance from the Ball

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You’ll want to be aware of the distance between you and the ball when you’re up for a putt. You don’t want to be standing too close to ball, as this will impair your ability to best see the ball, and you don’t want to be standing too far away from it, either. The happy medium typically means standing between two and three putter head lengths away from the ball.

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3. Swing Form

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Be mindful of the form of your swing. With the right distance between you and the ball combined with a comfortable grip on your putter, you’re set up for a successful, pendulum style swing. You will be able to better maintain a consistent tempo and reliable follow-through. You’ll also want to make sure you have the best style putter that fits your needs and preference.

4. Maintain a Good Stance

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Keep in mind that golf courses are not flat—there are plenty of small hills and uneven ground to make the game a little interesting. Depending on the angle you’re standing on and where you will be hitting the ball will determine how you want to stand to putt your ball. You will want to be sure to lean the opposite direction of the slope you are standing on. This will help you to better see straight.

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5. Horizontally Assess the Hole

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You will want to make note of the two feet around the hole. It is unlikely that it is completely flat. The slope of the ground around the hill will help you determine how hard you want to hit the ball, as well as exactly where you will want to aim it. If you need to, bring yourself lower to the ground to better assess what you’re looking at.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

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More than anything, taking the time to practice and find what feels most comfortable and natural is the best way to become a great putter. Set aside some time to hit the green solo and practice hitting some balls, or go with a group and pay close attention to the stance and technique of those you’re playing with. Ask for pointers and take advantage of every opportunity to learn and improve.

So the next time you hit the green, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Finding the tools and stance that is most comfortable for you, as well as being aware of how the elements of the golf course affect your form and angle, will definitely prove to be extremely helpful as you make the effort to improve your putting.

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