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5 Unique Bathroom Lighting Tips

The type of lights we choose for our Bathrooms can create a remarkable difference in the look and feel of the bathrooms. Many people, therefore, take the lighting of the Bathrooms quite seriously. Unknowingly, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, which is exactly why we should make wise decisions while installing bathroom lighting.

Mentioned below are a few useful tips and tricks that will help to create a suitable lighting plan for your bathrooms. Take a read.

Modern look

If you are planning to go for a contemporary look, then recessed lighting is for you. Recessed lighting takes up very little space along with offering an excellent environment in the bath

room. Many people prefer to have this lighting placed in ceilings in order to add focus to all parts of the room. If you have a vanity mirror in your bathroom, then recessed lighting can be useful for highlighting purposes.

Illuminating mirror

It is easy to find illuminating mirrors in hotel rooms. These illuminating mirrors help in creating a cosy atmosphere in the bathroom. This is why, most of the bathrooms in homes have illuminating mirrors. In the recent times, the trend of placing mirrors featuring lights is blossoming. You can choose from a wide range of illuminated mirrors that will suit your taste and requirements. For those who wish to keep the wires at bay, there are battery-operated models available.

Floor lighting

Floor lighting such as step lighting will surely add an exclusive look to the bathroom design. If you choose to use floor lighting in your washroom, then opt for coloured LED lights as that will definitely create a unique look to the room. Not only do these lighting options give a classy look but are also highly romantic.

Place a chandelier

We are not talking about a huge massive draping chandelier. Since we are here discussing washroom lighting, a chandelier of the right size as per the space of your bathroom should be selected. Chandeliers, these days, are available in all sizes and shapes. And they do help in creating the right ambience and amazing effects in the washroom.

Bathing lights

Lastly, having spotlights fitted on the inside of the bath is an idea worth considering. Many people rely on candles for creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, but spotlights are a much better and safer option to use. With soft bathing lights, you can completely relax in the realms of soft dim lighting.
So, in other words, if you aren’t still considering placing bathing lights in your washroom, then do give it a try!

Other tips:


Rest all secondary, but safety first. Electricity and water don’t go well together, but they mingle closely in the bathroom. So, ensure that you consult an electrician before handling the lighting aspect on your own.

Choosing the right sized bulb

There are plenty of options available in selecting bulbs for your washroom lighting. We have low-voltage options that give a nice effect to the room. Then, there are halogen bulbs available that can last three times as long. In addition, fluorescent bulbs provide good color rendering and are more efficient than ordinary incandescent bulbs.


Consider dimmer style lights

One of the best aspects of dimmer lights is that it guarantees an absolute control over the lighting of the room. In addition, dimmer lights also help in conserving energy. Although the total energy savings depend on how much you dim the lights, but one dimmed bulb just 10 per cent is likely to last twice as long as a bulb having full brightness.

While shopping for dimmed lights, to have a basic knowledge is a prerequisite. For instance, a halogen light source will require an incandescent dimmer whereas low-voltage and fluorescent fixtures will require their own compatible dimmers.

Washroom Lighting are crucial

Most of the homeowners give the washroom lighting the least consideration all all the rooms in the house. Clients don’t wish to invest in washroom lighting, which, in the expert opinion, is sad. It is, however, vital to note that when washroom lighting is done well, the payoffs are great! Go ahead, and plan your washroom lighting right.

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