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5 Tips to Help You Maintain and Look After Your HVAC System

HVAC Systems (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) are systems we use to create a comfortable living or working environment. Without one your building could become freezing cold in the winters or sweltering hot in the summers. Either situation isn’t good for comfort or productivity. I mean, just imagine trying to work through a Las Vegas summer with broken air conditioner – do you really think you’re going to be as happy or productive as you would be in an air-conditioned room?

If these systems do break down, they can be costly to repair. One way to keep costs down and to avoid the downtime altogether is to be on point with your maintenance. Regular checks and cleaning are really helpful in keeping the system efficient and operational. Here are 5 tips to help you look after your HVAC system.

1. Clean/Replace the Filter

A clean filter is one of the most important things for keeping your HVAC system operational. Depending on what type of system you have, you may need to replace the entire filter regularly (temporary filters) or just remove it and give it a clean. Whichever you need to do, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to carry out this procedure. A clean filter means less junk and dirt to get into the inner workings and clog them up, plus it means lower energy usage because the system is more efficient.

2. Keep the Area Clean & Protected

Always check the outer housing of your unit for any debris, foliage or other dirt. These can get sucked into the machine and clog the working parts, or they can block intakes and other key points. It’s a good idea to check at least weekly or every few days, if not daily. As long as the unit is accessible, this should be a quick and easy job. I’d also suggest keeping any foliage trimmed well back and away from the unit.

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3. Clean Any Fans

Fans become dirty and dusty over time. Once they are covered with a thick coating of dust, even more, excess dust begins to blow into and around the system. Keep fans clear of dust by wiping them off (when turned off) and it will help keep them operational. Use a fine brush to get into any tight gaps and spaces, clearing out dust before too much can accumulate.

4. Check Ducts & Piping

Ducts and piping should always be solid and secure. There shouldn’t be any gaps, leaks or even any rattling. Check for these problems regularly and try to find the source if you do see any leaks or hear any noises. Gaps should be closed instantly to maintain a secure system, and any further damage should be checked by a professional. It can be safe to replace a duct/pipe than to repair a severely damaged one.

5. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Perhaps the most important point is to use a professional who can perform regular maintenance. This doesn’t need to be over the top, a yearly check should usually be fine unless there is already some wear or cause for concern. Places like Americare Heat & Air offer great prices and reliable service for heating and air con units. Professionals can spot impending problems with HVAC systems and are able to advise methods of repair or advise it may even be time to replace the system as a more cost-effective long-term solution.

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