5 Tips for Early Fall Lawn Care and Fall Cleanups

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It’s so easy to fall into a gardening rut after a long, hot summer. Your energy seems to have been zapped by the heat and now that the months are turning cooler, all you want to do is stay in and lounge around instead of puttering about in the garden.

But the yard won’t take care of itself. If you want a lush and lovely garden by springtime, it’s best that you get up and get a move on with your gardening gloves this fall.

Turning over a new leaf

As the seasons change, you must also keep up and take the opportunity to care for your yard to prepare for the coming winter months and, eventually, to herald the arrival of spring. Because when the time goes you need to care your lawn from the pest. The most difficult and toughest thing is to remove pest from lawn, it destroy your lawn as well as the fertility of land. For that you must need some pest control. And we suggest to contact pest control expert for a better lawn treatment.

Here are some simple tips to care for and clean up your lawn during the fall:

  1. Do not let grass grow (very tall) under your feet.
    One key step for improving your outdoor space in early fall, according to the experts in lawn care in Lee’s Summit, is to make sure you mow your lawn. Leave at least 2.5 to 3 inches of grass growth to keep weeds at bay. Note, however, that cutting the grass too short will also curtail the root system and impede the ability of your lawn to stand the harsh winter cold and dryness. Making sure that it won’t be too tall is also important because tall grass is vulnerable to matting and fungi like snow mold.
    Mowing the lawn at this time is essential to getting rid of fallen leaves and turning them into soil-enriching mulch.
  2. Aerate your soil
    Remove thatch, improve drainage and loosen soil by aerating your lawn. Ensure that the aerator you use not only punches holes in the ground but also pulls plugs of soil from your turf. Doing regular aeration – about once or twice a year – will help in preventing soil from becoming compacted.
  3. Rake it out
    For the specialists in lawn care from Lake Winnebago, another important trick for fall clean-ups is to make sure that the leaves and other inorganic debris are raked and removed from your turf. However tempting it is to leave a carpet of those brilliantly bronzed leaves lying around, they will get wet, and that will cause them to mat down and smother your grass. Wet leaves will block out sunlight, trap moisture, and become a breeding ground for fungal diseases. Blow or rake away fallen leaves as soon as you can. Another alternative is to use a mulching mower that shreds a small amount of leaves and scatters them back to the soil like top dressing.
  4. Fertilize for the future
    Experts suggest that you fertilize your lawn at least once a year, and the best time to do so is during the fall. At this time, grass leaves grow slowly as the weather grows cooler, but the grass roots and stems grow quickly. Take this chance to apply fertilizer to deliver essential nutrients that will allow grass to grow deep roots. This will also let those nutrients be stored and kept in reserve for a fresh and healthy start in the spring.
  5. Sow seeds
    It is vital to overseed your existing turf to fill in thin spots or repair bald patches. Not only is a dense lawn a good defense from those pesky weeds, but overseeding will also allow you to plant resilient, drought-tolerant types of grass.

Fall is the best time to sow seeds because the ground is still warm enough, there’s copious amounts of moisture, the nights are cooler, and the days are not so hot. You can also ask for a professional contractors’ help in doing this to make sure that the seeds germinate and properly take root.

Winter is coming

While waiting for winter, the multicolored glory of fall can be a blessing for you and your yard. Take this chance to prepare your turf for the touch of winter hands by clearing up thatch, weeds and dead leaves. While it hibernates, take the easy steps mentioned above to care for your yard so that when the sun finally peeks with its gentle springtime rays again, you’ll wake up to a vibrant, green and healthy patch of heaven.

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