5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing problems happen at the worst of times. You can go all year without any hiccups, but you know, as soon as Christmas rolls around, and the house is at double capacity because the family all came in from the West coast, that is when your pipes are going to burst.

Finding a reliable plumber in Sydney doesn’t have to be a chore though. Ask yourself these five questions to ensure you hire the right person for the job.

Are they licensed?

Sadly, this has to be the first question. With so many unlicensed tradespeople and scams out there, the first thing you need to do is check your plumber’s credentials. All Australian tradespeople have to display a license number on their ads. You can check this license number against the number on file at the Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB), which is controlled by the Australian government.

How much will it cost?

Unless the plumber has been to the property and had a look around to inspect the damage, any quotes should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. Some plumbers give an estimate over the phone, but in reality, until they have seen the extent of the problem, it is impossible to gauge an accurate cost.

Also, before you settle on a plumber, be sure to ask the question if the quote includes the parts and labour. Some plumbers only give a quote on labour, only for the customer to find that their final bill looks startlingly large.

Do they come with a warranty?

The best plumbers that have the utmost faith in their work will guarantee their work for at least a year. This means if you have the same problem caused by the plumber not fixing the damage fully the first time around, they will come back and fix it for free.

If the plumber is reluctant to offer any form of guarantee or warranty, it could be an indicator that he doesn’t trust his or her handiwork. This should raise some red flags.

How many years of experience do they have?

Plumbing, like most trades, can’t be learned in a classroom. There is no substitute for experience. Find out how many years your plumber has spent in the trenches and you’ll likely get an idea of how skilled they are at their job.

Who is doing the work?

Sometimes the plumber that you speak to on the phone or in person doing the quoting will delegate the job to a helper or a subcontractor. Find out about the experience and credentials these people have. After all, it is no use if the plumber doing the quote has decades of experience but the plumber doing the job has just a few months under his or her belt.

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When you are satisfied you have all the answers to these questions, and only then, can you make a decision and hire the right person for the job. By taking the time to ask yourself these questions, you will save time later when you don’t have to call around again to find someone else to fix a sub-standard plumber’s shoddy work.

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