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5 Of The Best Local Dishes To Try in Bali

Whenever you are travelling, it is always an altogether different experience to try the local cuisine. It not only gives you a chance to off the mainstream, but also introduces you with the local culture and traditions. Usually, most of the Bali’s Local Foods are quite different from what we used to have at home and they can be a delectable distraction from the usual routine. These meals may look and smell unfamiliar, but trust yes, it is always good to experience something new. And this applies to the dishes that you can try while vacationing in Bali.

While you are enjoying the quaint lands of Bali, don’t forget to try the authentic Asian cuisine as these people surely know how to cook and how to include some of the freshest ingredients in their dishes. They not only have a wide variety of main course, but also a huge collection of street food and desserts to satiate your sweet tooth and any other hunger pangs. Now, let us discuss some of the most authentic dishes that you can devour on while enjoying a trip to Bali.

  1. Babi Guling
    Bali Food 1
    Babi Guling or the suckling pig is one of the most important and delectable dishes of Bali. In this dish, the whole hog is slowly roasted and is then served. Babi guling can be easily found at various restaurants of Bali. Usually, this dish is served with steamed rice and lawar. You can expect the meat to be tender and juicy while the skin would be crispy brown.
  2. Satay
    Bali Food 2
    Satay is the Best Street Food you can ever have in Bali. It is made of skewered meat that is flavored with lots of spices. Usually, the meat is either chicken or pork and is wrapped tightly around juicy sugar cane, bamboo or sticks of lemongrass. These satay sticks are then grilled or barbecued on charred coals and are served with or without peanut sauce. Satay is something that you can easily enjoy while exploring the streets of Bali.
  3. Lawar
    Bali Food 3
    Lawar is a delicious combination of several ingredients that are very finely chopped. Usually, these ingredients include vegetables, meat, grated coconut and various assortments of spices. Many times, fresh blood is also included in the mixture of finely chopped vegetables that gives the flavors a different dimension. Lawar is served on he top of a banana leaf and is usually of two types: red and white.
  4. Nasi Goreng
    Bali Food 4
    Nasi goreng is something that everyone knows about. It is essentially pre steamed rice that is stir fried with lots of meats and vegetables. Most of the times, people love to add fried eggs, strips of chicken, diced beef, onions and sweet soy sauce along with hot chilli sauce in the rice. Nasi goreng is served with cucumber, tomatoes, shrimp krupuk crackers, fried shallots and mixed pickles.
  5. Martabak
    Bali Food 5
    Martabak can be defined as the crepes of Bali. It is filled with eggs and several other ingredients such as beef, onion and various other seasonings. When the pastry is getting ready in the large pan, it is filled in the pastry and is cooked along side. And if you want something that can be eaten while strolling, martabak is the perfect option.

    With that being said, these are some of the most popular Dishes Of Bali. Without trying these dishes, your trip to Bali is incomplete.

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