4 Incredible Smart Lighting Innovations This Year

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Light Bulbs have been around since the late 1800s, and have been updated many times with innovations such as fluorescent and LED lighting. However, there is still deep interest in improved specialty lighting as consumers call for increasingly-adaptable and efficient lighting solutions, and manufacturers continue to push the envelope on creativity.

Widespread use of smartphone technology has paved the way for compatible smart lighting technologies. From playful lights that synchronize to the beat of your music to practical solutions to security threats, lighting innovations have been on the rise. Compatible smart phone and home systems, and equipped with voice, motion, and light sensitivity, lighting innovations are pushing the boundaries of modern technology.

Energy-efficient LED lighting, along with smartphone-enabled systems top the lists of this year’s best innovative lighting candidates. If you are considering upgrading your home in the new year or need the perfect holiday gift, take a look at 2017’s most exciting smart lighting innovations:

  1. Smartphone-compatible Light Bulbs
    Whether for creative lighting solutions, flexible settings, or increased energy efficiency, smart bulbs are one of the most widely-used lighting innovations of 2017. And equipped with startup guides, these bulbs are also surprisingly simple to install!
    smartphone compatible lights
    Smart bulbs are quickly gaining popularity as easy-to-use and affordable lighting innovations. Smart LED light bulbs such as the Phillips Hue and the GE C-life come fully equipped with Bluetooth and internet connectivity for remote, customized control. Bulbs come with easy to install startup guides, and often offer expansion packages for additional accessories, such as dimmers, motion sensors, and voice activation switches.Many also connect with your smartphone (iOS/Android) allowing you to operate with a familiar interface. Updates have been released for smart-home systems such as Alexa or Google Home, allowing for a seamless at-home user experience. Time your lights to switch on as you arrive home from work to a well-lit house, or tell your home-system to dim the lights for a romantic dinner sure to impress. Whatever your use, smart light bulbs are a great way to upgrade your home this holiday season.
  2. Natural Wake-up Lamps
    A welcome alternative to a jarring alarm clock, the wake-up lamp is an innovative way to stimulate a more natural arousal from sleep. Wake-up lights simulate natural sunlight, or “artificial dawn”, gradually increasing brightness until your scheduled alarm time to mimic the sunrise.
    natural wakeup lamps
    These lights are beneficial to those who find it difficult to wake up in the morning, and can even help maintain a healthy sleep/wake cycle with continued use. Exposure to the artificial sunlight lamp in the morning stimulates cortisol levels, playing a significant role in hormone balance, healthy sleep/wake cycles, and stress. Artificial dawn lamps have also been shown to be therapeutic to those suffering from seasonal affective disorder, and can be doubled as a light-therapy lamp during the dark winter days.With device options of seemingly everything under the sun, these natural lamps are truly revolutionary in bringing outdoor lighting indoors, and to curing your snooze button habit.
  3. Decorative Holiday Lights
    If you’re decorating for the holidays, you can purchase Bluetooth-compatible smart LED lights to adorn your tree or festive front porch. Adding more magic to the holidays, users can remotely set lights to various patterns and sync with music. They have the added bonus of LED durability and efficiency, lasting up to ten times longer than traditional incandescent Christmas lights.
    holiday celebration lights
    Additionally, smart lights are a safer alternative, since LEDs are cooler than traditional Christmas lights, which lead to an average of 14.8 million dollars in property damage each year. Jazz up your holiday spirit with some singing, twinkling holiday lights!
  4. Security Lighting
    The latest in-home security technologies, companies such as Maximus have developed smart lights that add a layer of safety to your home.
    security lights
    Smart security lights offer motion-sensor lights with a hidden camera that can send images and videos directly to your smartphone. This secure lighting also offers real-time alert messages, and allows you to control the light settings remotely. And compatible with Alexa home system, you can seamlessly control your security light from anywhere in the house.Next time you hear a knock late at night, you will be able to check your phone before answering the door. You can remain at ease when you leave your kids at home, knowing you will get updates on any visitors.

Bright Ideas: Choosing the Right Lighting System

Whether you are just looking for a more exciting holiday gift or integrating smartphone compatible light bulbs into your existing home system, it is important to select the right product for your needs.

Take the time to read specifications on any lighting devices to ensure they will work for your purposes, and be sure to read reviews online. A good system is easy to install and to use, and will allow you to adjust settings to your preference. A flawed system will difficult to manage, and will be a pain to switch out for a different system if you choose to later. Not to mention, it will be a waste of your hard-earned money.

Take your time to do your research on good lighting systems, and invest your money in tested and reviewed products. You will be happy you did!

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