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4 Couple Things That Are Difficult To Let Go

There will come a time when you have to let go. You have to move on from your comfortable apartment and choose a lovely condo for rent – Makati or in any city, as long as it’s far away from them. It’s true that a relationship that lasted for a long time is hard to let go. It’s difficult to break away from the emotions and the person since you’ve shared a significant portion of your lives being in proximity to each other. Moreover, they know you. They were the ones who witnessed how you grew and learned to navigate through life.

Like anything in the world, nothing lasts forever. You grew apart. You met other people. You want different things and working it out isn’t a feasible solution anymore. When that time comes, it’s a sign you need to let go. The same with clutter that only adds to the baggage at home, you have to separate from your partner that no longer holds the same significance in your life. Other than your long relationship, there are concrete objects you harbor are difficult to let go.

If you are currently in a similar situation, you and your significant other may have gained these things over the years. Do you know who gets to take them home?

  1. Your pet
    Steady couples who are not ready for kids settle for pets. It’s difficult to determine who gets custody of your cold-hearted Ragdoll or trusty Rottweiler especially if you both named it. If it was yours from the beginning, then you can bring it to your new home. Likewise, you have the right to take your partner gave it as a gift.
  2. Your bed
    This is a sacred space for both of you. It’s where you laugh, cry and pour out all your emotions. Most of all, it’s where you perform the most intimate act – sleep. It is a hassle to lug the bed when it’s time to separate, but finding the perfect haven to recharge is not an easy feat. Hence, you may need to settle ownership of your precious bunk. Sometimes, the couple doesn’t take ownership of the bed because of the memories that came with it. Unfortunately, someone has to bring it home before the landlord, and new homeowners throw it out.


  3. Your house
    A house is not a home, but if you managed to build one over the years, it would be a painful separation. Everything that was part of your relationship will be there. All of your fears, struggles, and success are in it as well as the portions of your paycheck. The rights over the property require legal counsel to make sure you get everything properly settled so you won’t end on bad terms.
  4. Your joint bank account
    Money would be a huge deal, primarily if it were the reason for your break up. Before claiming it as your own, you need to discuss it with your partner. You also have no right no take claim over it because law bounds it. Thus, taking your share of the savings is better-done face to face. You can settle things smoothly when you talk it over without raising your voices and sending death threats.

Parting with your house, bed, and pet is not easy because of the memories attached to them. It’s much easier to part with the simple stuff – clothing, Marvel action figures, and cutlery. There will be things we need to claim as our own the moment we break off the relationship. If you have not established who gets what, take those you feel that you deserve.

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